Street food in Cồn Market

In the last few months living in Da Nang, we found many great places where to eat and we are going to share them in this article.

After choosing 10 of our favorite places to eat in Da Nang, we decided to divide them into “local”, where almost nobody can speak English and to communicate you’ll have to use body language, and “western”, because sometimes you really need a break from Asian food.


1. Cồn Market

The biggest and richest market in Da Nang is structured in departments where a specific category of item is sold, and among these there’s obviously the food court: you can eat noodles (“Bún thịt nướng” are our favourite), rice with meat and vegetables, drink milkshakes (the avocado shake is a must), have desserts. And a meal for 20,000 VND, less than 1$.

where to eat in da nang con market food court

Con Market, Da Nang


2. Bánh mì

This is actually the name of the small baguette (typical kind of bread) filled with meat, paté, ham, fried eggs, coriander, mint, onion, tomatoes, and whatever you like. At the corner of almost every road you’ll find stands where the sandwiches are made following different recipes. Our favorite is in Phan Châu Trinh, where it crosses Phạm Hồng Thai. If you prefer to enjoy your bánh mì sitting in a nice place, we suggest Banh mi – Mi AA – Happy Bread, next to Hàn market. At the stands a sandwich can cost as little as 15-20,000 VND, while in this shop prices are a bit higher, but no more than 50,000 VND.

where to eat best Bánh mì da nang

Bánh mì stand in Phan Châu Trinh.


3. Quán Sỹ Mai

At 38, Nguyễn Công Trứ, lies this local eatery we like to go to. It’s usually crowded by Vietnamese. Rich (and English) menu, big portions, good food and cheap prices… You can easily fill your table and stomach for a few dollars.

da nang where to eat local food

Rich courses for us at Quán Sỹ Mai.

4. Bé Mặn

The best area to eat good seafood is undoubtedly the beach-side, where restaurants rise for some kilometers. One we really love is Bé Mặn, 11 Đường Võ Nguyên Giáp. You can choose your own fish from the tanks, have it weighed and cooked on the go.

5. Nhóp Nhép

At 343 Phan Châu Trinh, Nhop Nhep is a very typical Vietnamese restaurant, where mostly locals hang out at. After sitting at a table, they’re gonna bring you a small bbq grill to cook your own food, Vietnamese style! You’ll easily find it following the smoke along the street!





1. My casa

Near the beach, in 52 Võ Nghĩa, My Casa is a proper house where the ground floor and garden are used as restaurant and coffee bar. The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy, thanks also to the staff and the owners, an Italian girl and a Spanish boy. Great Italian, Spanish, Malaysian international food, with tapas, fresh homemade pasta and burgers!

best restaurant da nang where to eat

The garden of My Casa. Photo credit to Cronkee06 in Tripadvisor.

2. Luna Pub

At 9 Trần Phú street, Luna Pub is an interesting well-designed place with a tempting Italian and French inspired menu. A good place to hang out for drinks too.

3. Limoncello Restaurant

Again in Trần Phú, n.187, Limoncello is the best Italian restaurant in Da Nang. A taste of their pizza and you’ll feel at the Colosseum!

4. BBQ Un In

Located at 379, Tran Hung Dao, BBQ Un In is actually half Vietnamese/half western. The reason we rank it in western places to eat is because of its succulent pork meat imported from Australia, a top quality hard to find in Vietnam.

5.Tam’s Pub & Surf Shop

Tam’s Pub is in An Thượng 5, definitely worth a visit. Her giant burgers are a mix of Vietnamese and western food. Tam’s Pub is known also for its history that makes this place unique. The walls of the room are covered in photos of the Vietnam war: they show the owner Tam with the American soldiers, the city in those years, and their daily life in Da Nang some decades ago.

Tam's Pub best burger in da nang where to eat

Tam, an amazing woman.
Photo credit to uqinvietnam.com




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