Viaggio treno interrail frecciarossa

As our tireless readers will know thanks to our accounts on Instagram and Facebook, last October 1st we left with our backpacks from Turin to Triest, starting officially a new adventure: our InterRail!


The InterRail is a scheme that allows to travel on board all trains within the European Union for a determined period of time with a unique ticket.
Working in partnership with InterRail.eu we will be travelling around Europe for 2 months, telling about our experience through our blog and social media channels.
The Interrail Pass scheme has been going through some variations in the last decade. As of today, there are two kind of tickets: the Global Pass for all Europe and the Single Country Pass for one country only, which are then divided based on their length. Our ticket allows a maximum of 15 days of travelling on European trains within a period of 60 calendar days. Leaving on October 1st we will be back by the end of November.

interrail italia europa frecciarossa
Our Frecciarossa high speed train from Turin to Triest


Where are we going? The first destination outside our Italy’s borders is Slovenia! After a short trip to Italy again, our Interrail will take us to Austria (Wien) and Hungary (Budapest). We will go through Slovakia on our way to Poland, before reaching Prague and the Czech Republic. We will then cross Germany in order to reach Edo’s country of birth, The Netherlands! This will be the northernmost point of our trip, where will track back to Edo’s Dutch childhood places. From there on, the descent southbound will begin, touching Belgium and Luxembourg. France will follow, we will certainly stop in Paris. Our last two countries before getting back to Italy will be in the Iberian peninsula, Spain and Portugal!


The itinerary is mostly done, now it’s only about… travelling!
We will try and keep you updated as much as we can between a train trip and the next: obviously travelling is for us a pleasure but it is our job too, thus we are often very busy creating new content, writing blogs, editing photos and videos, and managing our various medias, all of that without ever stopping travelling around! Updating you is easier for us on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so head there to check our stories and see where we are at and what we did today!

Until next time with new updates!


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