Travel insurance

On our website, you will find some advice and links to our trustworthy travel insurances we use during our travels.
By clicking through them and completing a subscription, you will pay the same amount as if you had visited the site yourself, yet we will receive a small commission to support us running this blog.

We used Columbus Direct for our first big journeys in 2016, and it got our back when Edo had to visit the hospital twice in Da Nang, Vietnam, for an ear infection.

After paying cash at the hospital, we went through a phone call to Columbus Direct 24/7 active customer service, then submitted documents via e-mail, and got our money refunded on our bank account in a couple of weeks time. They proved to be reliable so we definitely recommend them, you can get your quote here.

A valid alternative is getting a travel insurance with World Nomads, which we tried last year for our multi-country trip including Dubai, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, and revealed to be quite cheap and excellent value for money.