The time has come, tomorrow we are leaving for our first documented travel!

It’s not the first time we leave, nor the first time we do it together, but it feels quite special because it’s gonna be long, far away, and completely new way of doing it.

It will be something more than a holiday, definetely more than working abroad, not really as moving to another country because we won’t be stopping by in one place only…So a little bit of everything all mixed-up together!

So tomorrow morning our flight will bring us from Milan, Italy to Helsinki, Finland. We are stopping over 3 hours and then Flying to Thailand. Once in Bangkok, Tuesday 26th January, our on-the-road-trip will start.

Even though we have being organising this trip from weeks now, you can never say you are completely ready for it. You will always have some doubts, fear and uncertainties, and you’ll need courage and strenght to leave everything and your loved ones behind.

But when courage and fear will equalise each other, then you realise you are ready to leave.

Bon voyage to us and, if you will figuratively travel with us on this blog, to you too!



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