At Dalat train station
A brief note on which means of transport we are going to use.

Of course, we are flying from Italy all the way to Thailand but, after that, we won’t use any planes anymore, come on it would be too easy and no fun at all!

So, apart from aircrafts, anything goes! By bus, train, taxi, tuk-tuk, scooter, walking, hitch-hiking, riding weird animals, by ferry, bike, or even swimming! As long as it works, we are ready to do it.

You can’t say you have been to Bangkok if you haven’t hopped on a tuk-tuk (personal great experience!), so we will use them 100% to move around the chaotic city.

We will then enjoy a third-class train ride (another formative experience, too) to reach the Cambodian border; we will cross it walking (if we manage to) and take either a taxi or a bus to Siem Reap, and I believe it would be a nice experience to cycle around the Angkor Wat’s site.

A speedboat to Phnom Penh (about 250km south) is a really fascinating option.

Buses will lead us around Cambodia, since they have pretty much no railways.

Ferries, canoes and our arms and legs will have a leading role on the islands.

And then in Vietnam it will be trains again, probably sleeper-carriages.

And this is only for the first 20-programmed-days! We really are ready and keen to accept every challenge in order to keep on travelling around!

Dalat train station

Dalat train station


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