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Bled is one of the most iconic destinations in Slovenia, surely because of its charming alpine lake with a picturesque island in the middle.
Besides for its natural beauty, Bled has been attracting people from all over Europe for centuries thanks to its wealth of legend, and special powers to restore well-being.
Add on top of this a majestic castle built on a cliff towering over the lake, and you have a perfect idyllic scene.


We were in Ljubljana, Slovenia during our Interrail trip across Europe last autumn, and we couldn’t miss this place. After spending 4 intense days in Bled, we definitely fell in love with it and got spoiled by its powerful benefits.

Now we want to help you planning your perfect getaway to Bled!
Clearly when it comes to finding photo opportunities in Bled, endless lists could be made, thus we decided to focus on the spots you absolutely can’t miss.

So here are the best (and most Instagrammable) spots in Bled and how to find them.


Bled Castle, or Blejski Grad, has an ancient history dating all the way back to 1004 a.C.. It has been knowing continuous improvements and renovations through the course of its long life.
Situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking Lake Bled, it dominates the entire area.
Today, there are interesting museums and exhibitions withing the castle rooms, displaying the historical development of Bled. During the warm months, the castle’s courtyard hosts numerous cultural events.

However the best thing is undoubtedly the breathtaking view over the lake. There are different spots and terraces where to enjoy the views from, take your time in and around the castle.
The entrance fee to the castle’s premises is €11, or €7 if you are a student with a valid student card.

TIP: it is possible to get there on foot, hiking up one of the many paths. Alternatively you can drive and park right next to the entrance.


You can stroll or cycle the 6-km loop around the lake, stopping by for the most picturesque views.
Paved paths circle the lake almost entirely, plus several trails can be found adjacent to it on the castle side.
Covering the entire 6 km’s should take you a couple of hours on foot, or half an hour by bicycle. 

what to do in slovenia
The western edge of the lake


Enjoy an afternoon coffee or tea and match it with the most delicious cake: the famous Bled Cream Cake, a 7x7x7cm delicacy you need to taste!
Legend has it that the original recipe from over 60 years ago is kept at Park Hotel Café. Come here to get the best treat in Bled.

bled cake photo
Bled Cream Cake


If you are staying more than one day in Bled, you should definitely pay a visit to Vintgar Gorge.
The powerful Vintgar stream has been excavating a canyon for centuries down here. A narrow track runs up&down the 1.6 km long gorge, and will lead you to enjoy waterfalls, pools, and cascades as you walk over wooden bridges and through the rocks. 

TIP: the unique emerald colours of the water will especially stand out when hit by direct sunlight, so make sure you go there between 11am and 3pm. The gorge is very narrow and mid-day would probably be the best time (even though a bit more crowded).

how to get to vintgar gorge
Vintgar Gorge


Probably the most famous and spectacular viewpoint in Bled!
How to get there? Walk along the lakeside path and head to the western side of the lake. Follow the sign for Trail 6 to Ojstrica and Osojnica viewpoints. (Osojnica is further and harder to reach, it takes almost 1 hour).
The path is quite steep and rocky, so you’ll need walking shoes or sneakers. After 10-15 minutes you’ll see a sign to the right for the first lookout point, Ojstrica. Another 5 minutes and you’ll find yourself in front of one of the most iconic vistas ever!

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As mentioned earlier, Bled is also known for its special healing powers.
This is mostly thanks to Swiss natural healer Arnold Rikli, who was a pioneer in his field and during 19th century played a vital role in making Bled the popular destination we all know today, focusing on the special benefits offered by the area surrounding the lake.
Nowadays there are several Spas and wellness centres where to get pampered, most of which are part of larger hotel and/or sauna complexes.

We tried the services at Rikli Balance Hotel, named after the Swiss healer, and can truly recommend them. They include different saunas, steam room, jacuzzi, hot&cold pools, and even water slides for the families. All accompanied by special views over the lake.


Last but not least, one of the best activities to do on a nice sunny day in Bled is renting a row boat and take it out on the lake.
The calmness of its waters will make it easy for you to reach the island in the middle of the lake, or to get close to the cliff underneath the castle.
Take your time to roam freely across the lake.
Rental prices start from 20€ for an hour, plus 10€ for any additional hour.

TIP: ask the rental officer if they provide a grace period for returning the boat. If they do have a 15-20 minutes grace, it means you can actually rent a boat for 20€ and keep it up to 80 minutes, that should be more than enough for your trip!

Boat rental in Bled. Ph. Credit: Wiki Commons
Boat rental in Bled. Ph. Credit: Wiki Commons

This ends our Bled best viewpoints blog post, we hope you took note of the things you don’t want to miss and have a great time in this magic corner of Slovenia.

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Below you can find some practical info about Bled and Slovenia.


  • BUDGET: Apartma sobe Tina Bled: studio apartments with kitchen, ideal to be used as a base to explore the surroundings.
  • MID-RANGE: Hotel Astoria Superior: modern cozy rooms, the hotel offers a brand-new wellness area both indoor and outdoors.
  • LUXURY: Rikli Balance Hotel: live a regenerating experience at Rikli Balance Hotel. Themed customized rooms, spa&sauna with views over the lake, excellent breakfast and selection of food from the 2 on-site restaurants.


Bled is located about 45 minutes from the capital Ljubljana. You can get here easily by bus or private car. Renting your own vehicle is ideal to reach places like Vintgar Gorge. However, walking and cycling around the lake is likewise enjoyable.


Euro is the local currency, so you shouldn’t have any problems around Bled and Slovenia. If you do need to change some foreign cash, it would be better to do so in Ljubljana.
We strongly recommend Revolut to pay and withdraw in any currency worldwide with no fees! Get your free Revolut Card here.


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sunset lake bled slovenia
Sunset over Lake Bled, Slovenia

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