Petra, Jordan

A Jordan Pass is a single ticket that gives you access to over 40 tourist sites in Jordan.

These include the most famous places like Petra, Wadi Rum, Amman citadel, Karak castle, and more. The Jordan Pass is available in 3 different options, which vary according to the number of days you want to spend in Petra, plus you can add a couple of extra activities.

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fare il Jordan Pass come funziona
Our Jordan Pass “Expert”, extra activities included


Yes, it is worth buying a Jordan Pass, as it will save you money compared to purchasing the various entries individually, and also because the visa costs and procedures are included in the Jordan Pass.

The 3 types of Jordan Pass are called:

  • Jordan Wanderer – 70 JD (95 €): for 1 entry to Petra + 40 sites in Jordan + visa to Jordan.
  • Jordan Explorer – 75 JD (102 €): for 2 consecutive entries to Petra + 40 sites + visa.
  • Jordan Expert – 80 JD (110 €): for 3 consecutive entries to Petra + 40 sites + visa.

The only difference between passes is the number of days you can enter Petra consecutively: 1 day with the Jordan Wanderer, 2 days with the Jordan Explorer, 3 days with the Jordan Expert.

Below we see the details and benefits of the Jordan Pass.

Treasury, Petra Jordan Pass
Petra, included in the Jordan Pass


First of all there’s no way out of it, unfortunately a Jordan Pass is expensive.
As mentioned, the cheapest option costs 70 JD (Jordan Dinar), or around 90-100 € depending on the exchange rate.

We got the Jordan Expert, adding a visit to Bethany beyond Jordan (read below), for a total of 80+8 JD, about 120 € each! Nevertheless, the Jordan Pass is worth it, it will be a one-time expense and you won’t have to worry about paying for other entrances afterwards.

The high price is due to the fact that the entrance to Petra alone costs 50 JD, almost 70 €. It’s clear that the Jordanian government is cashing in on the surge in tourism that has made Petra and Jordan one of the most visited destinations in the world over the past decade.

Until 2010 admission cost was 20 JD (25 € with the exchange rate at the time), so prices have practically tripled. However, judging by the crowds we saw in Petra over three days, the price does not scare foreigners at all, eager to see one of the 7 Wonders of the World with their own eyes.

Biglietto Petra quanto costa
Our entry tickets to Petra, received after showing our Jordan Pass


Foreigners of any country can obtain a Jordan Pass, the only requirement is to spend a minimum of 3 nights in Jordan. Furthermore, by purchasing the Jordan Pass before arriving in Jordan, the costs for the tourist visa up to 30 days of stay are waived. At this point the choice to take the Jordan Pass becomes automatic, it would be foolish not to buy it (unless you are from a country that has special relations with Jordan).

siti inclusi nel Jordan Pass Giordania
Map of the tourist sites on the Jordan Pass website


The list of tourist sites in Jordan is very extensive. If you have 10 days you will be able to see at least a dozen sites, considering that Amman offers several, combining visits to the castles and ruins that you will find along the route towards southern Jordan.

Sites included in the Jordan Pass in Amman:

  • Amman citadel
  • Roman Theatre of Amman
  • Museum of Popular Traditions
  • Jordan Archaeological Museum

Other major sites included in the Jordan Pass:

  • Jerash archaeological site
  • Ajloun Castle
  • Museum of the lowest place on Earth – Dead Sea
  • Madaba archaelogical park
  • Kerak Castle
  • Shobak Ruins
  • Petra
  • Wadi Rum reserve
  • Aqaba Castle

With a Jordan Pass, entry to the various sites will be simple, you’ll just have to show the paper ticket or QR code on your phone. The only place where we found a bit of a queue was obviously Petra. There we had to get validation at the counter in order to receive our ticket with 3 consecutive entrances to Petra.

Please note: The Jordan Pass does not include access to Petra By Night. The evening show to see the illuminated Treasury requires the purchase of a separate ticket which costs 17 JD, approximately 23 €.

Jerash Archeological Site
Jerash archaeological park


When purchasing the Jordan Pass through the official website, you will be given the option to add 2 extra activities, which we recommend for trips in Jordan of at least 10 days.


Bethany beyond Jordan is the place where Jesus was baptized. “Beyond Jordan” is intended as across the river from Israel. A few meters from the border, within what is now Jordanian territory, lies the spring where John baptized Jesus.

Studies, research, written testimonies and the various churches around the river have proved that the apparently desolate area has always been a pilgrimage destination over the centuries, confirming that Bethany beyond Jordan was the place of the Baptism of Jesus.

A site of significant importance that you could include in your itinerary to Jordan, since it is not possible to visit it from Israel (the disputed West Bank border area is heavily patrolled militarily).

Being located a few kilometers from the shores of the Dead Sea, a famous tourist destination for any trip to Jordan, makes it ideal to combine both in the same day. Allow a couple of hours for the visit, including waiting at the visitor center for the shuttle to take you to the site and back.

The cost of the ticket to Bethany beyond the Jordan is 8 JD (11 €) when purchased together with the Jordan Pass. (12 JD if purchased on the spot).

Bethany beyond Jordan Betania
Bethany beyond Jordan, where John baptised Jesus


The Journey Through 1916 experience is a recreation of the events that took place a century ago in present-day Jordanian territory.

In 1916 these lands were in the hands of the Ottoman Empire. Around the same time as Lawrence of Arabia’s famous adventures in the Middle East, Jordanian bedouins hiding in these areas around Wadi Rum desert plotted an attack on an Ottoman-controlled train en route to the Red Sea. It was a symbolic battle that had great resonance in the region.

You can book the free experience together with the Jordan Pass. The activity is supported by volunteers who work two or three times a week to create an entertainment show, for this reason it is necessary to choose the date in advance when purchasing the Jordan Pass.

The government is trying to turn the long-abandoned railway into a tourist attraction. That’s why the Journey Through 1916 experience is temporarily offered for free, with the aim of elevating it to a proper tour.

We found the experience fun and informative, and we recommend it for those who have at least 12-14 days to travel in Jordan. In particular for train and scenic railway enthusiasts, and for families with children as well! Find more info here.

  • Journey Through 1916 train Wadi Rum
  • Journey Through 1916 train Wadi Rum treno

Now that you know how and why to get a Jordan Pass, you are almost ready for a trip to Jordan. Find related articles and info on the country below. Have a good trip!




  • Car: international car rental companies are at Queen Alia Airport, slightly more expensive than the Jordanian ones which have offices 10-15 minutes away and pick you up at the airport. The cheapest options start at $25/day, petrol costs around $1.60 per litre. With an additional 20-30$ per day on average it is possible to hire a driver for your trip to Jordan.
    Check out your options for renting a car in Jordan here.
  • Plane: daily flights connect Europe to Jordan, including low cost carriers Ryanair and Wizzair, to Amman and Aqaba international airports.


Jordan has different regions and climates, with hills, sea and deserts. Although the sun in Jordan feels very hot, the temperature is not always high. Amman is cool in the evening especially in the winter months, being over 1,000 meters above sea level. Even in Wadi Rum the thermal shock is considerable, you will need to cover yourself well as soon as the sun sets.
In the winter months there can be severe thunderstorms and flash floods, so as to flood Petra and its canyons. Snow is also not uncommon in January or February, although it melts quickly during the day.
The Dead Sea is an inhospitable and hot place, don’t stay more than half an hour under the scorching sun. In the same way, it is recommended to take baths of less than 15 minutes due to the extreme salinity of the water.
Bring comfortable walking shoes, long but light clothes, a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water!


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