Flag of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is our next Country on the list.

Here’s a brief update on our upcoming movements!

As we plan to head eastwards again, we want to discover other countries from the previous already visited. We are always thirsty for new adventures and new cultures, that’s why the best destination for us is the one we haven’t been to yet!

Where is Sri Lanka?

Where is Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a not too small island, actually quite big in kms, but looks tiny compared to massive India just on top of it. In fact it is also known as The Teardrop of India, whereas in the past it used to be called Ceylon. A name that is not new to us, due to world famous tea brand.

We can’t wait to see the exterminate tea plantations that cover the majority of the island, especially the inner part. Moreover, wildlife plays a big role in Sri Lanka’s attractions: Ambra’s beloved elephants on top, followed by sloth bears, leopards, crocodiles, monkeys, buffalos, etc…

Elephant hug

Elephant hug

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to visit the entire Country: we will stay for about 3 weeks, which is not enough to visit the whole of it, and we will miss the reportedly not 100% sure area in the North of Sri Lanka. The civil war between Tamil and Ceylon ended only in 2009, consequently some areas are a bit dangerous and tourists may not be very welcome.

That will see us going from the capital Colombo, on the west coast, to the central hilly and mountainous zone first and to the seaside Southbound later; or viceversa, as usual we don’t have very strict plans!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

We contacted some locals on, which will give us the chance to do some volunteer work, in exchange of a place where to sleep, advice on what to do&see, and an authentic experience living with local Sinhalese.

What we do know, is it’s gonna be a great trip, full of new experiences and meetings: the pictures and videos we saw online describe a stunning place, hopefully our eyes and cameras will witness the same so that we will be able to report everything here on our blog, both to keep you up-to-date and for our memories.

So, stay tuned, one more adds to A Million Travels, our trip to Sri Lanka is coming!

Flag of Sri Lanka

Flag of Sri Lanka

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