Cairns Tropical North Queensland what to do



When thinking about Australia, the red sand of the outback is one of the first things coming to mind and talking about the tropics may sound weird. However, Australia’s northeastern tip is home to a tropical area like no other in the world: rainforests, large rivers, golden beaches, lakes and waterfalls, palm trees, and a unique flora&fauna characterize the surrounding of Cairns, the major city in the north of Queensland, better referred to as Tropical North Queensland (TNQ) or Far North Queensland (FNQ). Indeed, we are located far from Australia’s biggest cities, Melbourne is about 3.000 km away…


The weather in TNQ is warm all year round, with a hot rainy season in Summer (November to February) and a lovely Winter at 25°C of average (June to August). For all these reasons, Cairns is a trending holiday destination, let’s see the best things to do and see around.


Dozens of tours and activities are available daily leaving from Cairns. The Wet Tropics Rainforest is few km’s away, don’t miss the chance to glide over it thanks to the spectacular Skyrail Cableway, alternatively you could ride right trough it hopping on board the Kuranda Scenic Railway Train. Diving and snorkeling lovers, how does the Great Barrier Reef sound to you as your swimming place? If you prefer bathing into freshwater, Crystal Cascades are a short drive from the CBD too. For the more relaxed of you, reach one of the beautiful beaches few minutes North to Cairns, where you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset facing the ocean under the palm trees. 
TIP: Cairns Lagoon on the Esplanade is a city free public swimming pool open everyday, ideal to cool down during hot sunny days.
EXTRA TIP: Rusty Market opens to public every weekend starting on Friday, if you visit on Sunday late morning you can grab great deals on the best tropical fruits!


The 45 minute drive leading to Port Douglas is worth alone the trip: the winding road offers sights of the rainforest on the left and the Coral Sea on the right, with amazing viewpoints. You will find your spot on popular Four Mile Beach, don’t miss the view from above via a short trek. Pay a visit to Mossman Gorge to enjoy cool waters in the middle of the jungle, whilst Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat will allow you to meet Australia’s most famous fauna, including koalas, crocs and kangaroos. 



The Daintree Rainforest is a massive 180 million years old, that’s more than the Amazon! Daintree is with no doubt the best area to witness the rainforest ecosystem in all its wilderness. In this remote region you will immerse yourself in nature: see crocodiles in the Daintree River, spot the iconic cassowary, and keep your head up to admire the unbelievable tree formations. Appreciate the view at Alexandra Lookout and finish your day at Cape Tribulation Beach, a long strip between the forest and the sea. Checkout Jungle Tours and Trekking to know more about day trips to Daintree.


For a glimpse of aboriginal culture, stop by the colorful village of Kuranda, in the heart of the rainforest. Here you’ll find art galleries and exhibitions, quirky shops showcasing boomerangs and didgeridoos, traditional ornamental and decoration objects. Tropic Wings Tours have a wide range of activities including a visit to Rainforestation Nature Park, where you can attend Aboriginal Dance performances to get a deeper understanding of local traditions, other than coming closer to Australian fauna. For a complete experience in Kuranda, head to the majestic Barron Falls, Queensland’s most visited waterfall.


The Atherton Tablelands are located one hour inland from Cairns, at a few hundreds meters altitude, which creates a much cooler climate compared to the coast. Nature plays the leading role again: national parks abound, including Wooroonooran and Crater Lakes National Park, and you can choose between Milla Milla, Zillie and more falls for a dip at the 17-km-long Waterfall Circuit.  Moreover, explore the surroundings for an opportunity to spot rare animals like the tree-kangaroo and the peculiar platypus. Home to thousands of farms, the Tablelands are popular for foreign Working Holiday Visa makers looking for a farm job. The sweetest tropical fruits like mangoes, papayas, avocados and bananas are grown widely, together with some of the best coffee of Australia. 


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