#worldkissproject in Bangkok

This is our second visit to Thai capital city, after staying here last February.

In Bangkok, every district is a smaller city in the city. Last time we stayed close to the riverside in the oldest part, whilst this time we are going to experience Sukhumvit, the modern area.


After an underground+Bts (skytrain) ride, we quickly reach our hotel. Yes, that’s right, after weeks of guesthouses we are staying in a lovely studio suite, allowing us a comfort stay to fight the sadness for the ending travels. There’s even a rooftop swimming pool here!

BTS Skytrain, Bangkok
BTS Skytrain, Bangkok

Still, we are 7-8 km away from the centre, but we could live in this neighbourhood with no problems, as you can find anything you need. Basically the city develops along the Bts railway, which is with any doubt the fastest way to move around. Every station becomes a hub to whom everything gravitates around, in particular there’s always a huge mall.

BTS Skytrain rides through skyscrapers in Sukhumvit
BTS Skytrain rides through skyscrapers in Sukhumvit

There are many contradictions, just outside the stations and malls some people beg, sell bits and pieces, try to make a living with anything. It’s cheaper to have decent street food meal than buying a Bts ticket (which is not expensive, about 1.40$, but makes the idea).


The first day we head to Siam Square, an area that has become popular for its shopping centres, restaurants, hotels and skyscrapers. The biggest businesses and brands are here, you can find any kind of service and entertainment, from boutiques to cinemas. One can literally get lost here and spend entire days. Honestly, the main reason we stay inside is to enjoy the air-co, outside mugginess is suffocating.

A view on Siam Square surroundings
A view on Siam Square surroundings

After lunch we try to avoid heat and walk to Lumphini Park, a nice green area. It’s always a beautiful feeling being among trees and lakes, but in the heart of the city at the same time.

Lumphini Park, Bangkok
Lumphini Park, Bangkok

We get back to our hotel at 5.30 pm, to make sure we enjoy the sunset soaking in our tiny swimming pool. The view is not like a sunset at Angkor, but Bangkok’s skyline is worth a go.

Ambra enjoying the pool
Ambra enjoying the pool

The second day, we hop off the Bts to have a look at Terminal 21, which is not one of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s gates, but simply another themed shopping mall. To be fair, it’s a masterpiece in entertaining: every floor is a different destination in the world, and is customized after it, from arcades at Rome floor, to the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco gate.

Terminal 21 Mall, Bangkok
Terminal 21 Mall, Bangkok
Golden Gate Bridge reproduction
Golden Gate Bridge reproduction


Nothing to do with traditional Thailand, more of a Las Vegas style we would say. Again, as soon as you step at open-air, you feel the heat covering you. We drag ourselves a little bit North, to the Ratchathewi district, where the highest building of Thailand rises: Baiyoke Tower, 304 meters with 85 floors.

Baiyoke Tower, Bangkok
Baiyoke Tower

We buy the tickets for the elevator (400 baht, drink included), and get to the 77th floor, where the observation deck is. The views from up there are impressive and hypnotizing: you could stare at the flowing traffic on the countless roads for hours.

City view
City view

At the top 85th floor, there’s a revolving open-air deck, not for the heart fainted. Ritual photographs and videos, and we enjoy our sky-cocktails at 84th floor sky-bar. Everything from up here becomes sky-something. There’s even a sky-restaurant if you want to have dinner in the clouds.


We come down from Baiyoke Tower planning to go and see the riverside at night. Unfortunately the traffic is congested, and all the drivers tell us it’s a 1-hour ride to get there. Watching the temples at night: next time.

We get some tasty street-food at Sukhumvit and go back to our room, to pack our backpacks for the last time of the journey. Our flight in the morning is leaving at 8.50 am, we will reach Milan, Italy at 9 pm.


Many many many different feelings occupy our hearts and souls. Happy to go back and see the family and friends again, sad to leave these amazing countries and continent behind.

It’s been an incredible journey, the best of our lives, it would be endless to list all the great things we did, awesome people we met, adventures we experienced. We will find the way to say thank you later on, for now we just get lost in our thoughts, with the awareness that we had the time of our life.

Our best hope is that some of you gets inspired by our blog, to find the strength and courage to try, drop everything and leave, for 1 month, for 6 months, for 1 year, for 5 years, just go and see the beautiful world we live in!

For us, it’s not the end of our Million Travels, just a break after these 136 unforgettable days.

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