Hi! We are Ambra and Edoardo, born travellers.

Having had the luck and opportunity to study and work abroad we soon realized we couldn’t stop in one place, at least not for now. Together we travelled through America, Asia, Oceania and of course our dear old Europe.

Our first backpacking trip on-the-road was at the beginning of 2016 in Southeast Asia: 6 months starting from Bangkok, going through Cambodia and its marveillous Angkor Wat temples, stopping by in Vietnam for 3 months in surprising Da Nang, carrying on to the north of the country in order to cross to tiny Laos, and live the last adventurous weeks in Thailand.

Our second big voyage started in September 2016: from London and Dubai we reached wild Sri Lanka, where we spent three thrilling weeks. Later we passed through Malaysia and Singapore, and then flew back to Da Nang, Vietnam. Here we stopped for almost a year, taking visa-runs every 3 months: so we visited Hong Kong, Thailand again (this time gorgeous Koh Samui in the South), and modern Seoul in South Korea. In October 2017 we said goodbye to Vietnam and flew to the Philippines for 20 days island hopping. Our last stop before getting back to Italy was Beijing, China, where we had the chance to hike on the historic Great Wall!

Elephants in Chiang Mai

With the elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Right before leaving for this long journey, we decided to start this blog: first of all it was the easiest way to keep in touch with friends and relatives back home; furthermore, Ambra had always been passionate about writing, whilst Edo had already kept some small travel journals in the past; after spending hours and hours online reading many blogs, we thought “why don’t we try?”, and after every month we realized how there’s always someone looking for info and help during their travelling, and it’s nice being able to share the experience and help others to plan, just like many have helped and inspired us!

In 2018 we took an even bigger leap: a one-way ticket to Australia! There we worked and travelled for one year on a Working Holiday Visa, a fantastic adventure.

Later in 2019 we went on an epic Interrail trip through Europe, touching 15 countries in 50 days! However Australia was calling again, since we had earned an extra year of visa through our work. So we landed in Melbourne in early 2020, and who would’ve thought that a global pandemic would keep us there for two years!? Despite the many lockdowns, we still managed to see 5 out of 6 big Australian states travelling with our van on the road, reaching magical Uluru in 2022.

Uluru guide cosa fare

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

Then, after 2 years and a half, it was time to finally reunite with our families and enjoy Italy for a while. We’re always thinking of the next destination though, and we spent 6 amazing months in Thailand in early 2023. After having the chance to see incredible countries like Jordan and Taiwan, we went on a 3-month-trip to Central America few months ago, touring Mexico and the Caribbean.

As the years went by we learned to handle our time between working and travelling, and managed to turn our dream of remote working into reality.

Now, we keep on working hard here on our blog, on our social media pages, and with other clients. The commitment is remarkable, but the compensation for helping readers making their travel dreams true, is really priceless. If you are able to share our blog by word of mouth or on social networks, we’ll be grateful! Recently some of our most faithful readers have asked us for a way to contribute, so we set up this buy me a coffee page if you wish to say thanks, any little help would be much appreciated!

We end this page wishing safe travels to all of you. For us, the biggest satisfaction always is getting to inspire any of you to leave and live their journey, their dream, at least once in a lifetime!

So, what’s next? The rest of the world, of course! The best destination for us is the one we haven’t been to yet.

A Million Travels

Our summer in the amazing Santorini.

Our summer in the amazing Santorini, Greece