On 26th January 2016, exactly one year ago today, we began this new adventure, starting our Blog with the first of many posts…

Reading it now, it makes us smile: short, improvised, real amateur-style. After all, no one was born knowing everything, and we all must start from somewhere! It doesn’t mean that now, one year later, we became sublime writers nor famous bloggers, but we do try our best, and we can look with pride to our progress made in the last 365 days.
Kuang Si waterfall - Luang Prabang - Laos blog

Kuang Si waterfall – Luang Prabang – Laos

Our digital counters say we have 131 posts, 35 pages, tens of categories and tags, more than 2000 photos in our archives. Since December we are getting more than 100 visits to our website everyday, which fulfill us with pride and give us motivation to go on with our work, on Facebook you follow us in 2700 and on Instagram in 350. But most of all, our non-digital counters make us happy, which means our minds and souls, that can count and tell endless life experiences and stories, that we collected in this year full of adventures and new meetings.
Meeting friends in Mae Hong Son – Thailand blog

Meeting friends in Mae Hong Son – Thailand

One of the most fascinating aspects of traveling is just this one, meeting new and different people everyday, to whom tell and from whom listen each other’s stories, creating an amazing limitless vicious circle. Whether it’s about some advice given in a hostel about what to do around, or sharing important moments like crossing land or river borders, or simple answers to e-mails on the blog to who’s asking info.

Our passport becomes little by little more full of stamps that witness our travels, and the number of visited countries grows: last year, among the others, we had the chance to appreciate Thailand and its elephants, Sri Lankan stilt fishermen, the warmth of Spain and Arab Emirates‘ skyscrapers, cosmopolitan Malaysia and obviously our beloved Vietnam.
Stilt fishermen, Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka blog

Stilt fishermen, Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka

But we would like to remember that traveling is not a race to the first who gets to 100 countries, as a matter of fact it’s all but that: traveling, differently from going on holiday, means getting to know a new country, a new culture, appreciate it as its best, being grateful to it, and learn the most possible everytime, becoming in this way truly rich, rich inside.

Thanks to all of you for following and supporting us, as per our blog’s name we wish A Million Travels to all of you!!!

Our new life in Vietnam blog

Our new life in Vietnam


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